Naruto and Bleach

February 29, 2008 at 19:31 (Uncategorized)

The Sasuke Itachi fight still hasn’t ended but I’m still enjoying it so I don’t mind much but it seems that Bleach is now moving on – I hope Ulquiorra is back next week; he is one of the few characters I read for. 


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Juushin Enbu

February 24, 2008 at 17:09 (Uncategorized)

I had hoped with the anime version of this that the manga would have been more readily available but it seems not.  I’ve been on chapter 4 for many months and searching has given me nothing. 

Alchemist is too difficult to translate at the moment so I’ve moved on a Naruto doujinshi – there are fewer concept words I have to look up 😛

A strange thing is happening to my DVD players – the one on the TV doesn’t read disc anymore, the laptop jumps the whole way through and the PS2 skips the last scenes of many movie.  At the moment I only have the PC *touches wood*.

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Warning! RANT!

February 23, 2008 at 09:56 (Uncategorized)

I am late for work today because it took more than 15 minutes to get a price for an item I wanted to buy.  I was there early, I got what I wanted and then could not leave on time.  Eventually I left said item, paid for the other and left – very pissed.

There is this misconception in SA that retail is not really working.  Never mind that it is the oldest profession (okay, prostitution probably is).  Many call retail the informal sector – I’m sure Woolworths thinks of themselves as informal.  Retail is a important job; if the shops doesn’t open people can’t buy stuff – I mean simple stuff like food.  And owing to this misconception many staff members, of all kinds of retail, consider working to be a time for socialising and flirting.  They shuffle around as if they are in their living rooms; dirty uniforms and course language all round.  And when they are any good for someone is on their back, how they complain!  In front of customers.  Working is for working otherwise it would be called something else.

I am so angry – my shop is not doing well and I’m attempting to rectify it but I can’t buy the items I need.  Bad management and lack of training, not to mention no product knowledge and even less interest in learning.  But they learn the rules for tea breaks and lunches real quick.  It would appear the owners of retail outlets would rather loose a customer than pay a little extra for decent staff – which strangely would invite more customers in.

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Okay, okay – so

February 22, 2008 at 16:06 (Uncategorized)

when my sister says L sleeps till 5h00 after going down at 21h00, I think – wow, that must be nice after the getting up four to six times a night to feed him.  However, sleeping in his nursery means I wake up as well.  It also doesn’t help that on morning one, there was a horse show (6h00 get up) and this morning (morning two) a return to CT (5h00 get up).  I always thought I was a morning person but 5h00 is damn early – though, on the plus side there is so much morning; 12h00 is hours away.  I did manage to catch a CSI last night.

After a break from ice skating for the school holidays, we started again last week – and I don’t recall the ice being so slippery.  A says it’s the same and she can actually skate so she might know what she’s talking about, however, I’m back to arm wind-milling and heart lurching jerks.

Waiting for manga…

Fiction note:  blagh…

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February 19, 2008 at 15:57 (Uncategorized)

Disgrace by J.M. Coetzee is one of my setworks for this year.  It is hardly enjoyable but well written, however, what a bunch of stupid, stupid people.

Through some trail and error I’ve managed to familiarise myself with MSWord 2007.  As far as I can tell everything works the same but just looks different.  Some things I haven’t found the icons for yet.  I’m doing the ICDL this year as one of my modules so will have to brush up on my basic Excel and diminished Access.  The work book only get send out next month so it will have to wait a bit.  At the moment I’m mostly busy with Theory of Literature which I write in May/June.

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Worn out!

February 18, 2008 at 19:18 (Uncategorized)

These last few days have been a bit nightmarish – lack of sleep due to 1) migraine on one night, 2) fireworks the next and 3) looking after L for the entire day.  I love him to bits but he wears me out.  Luckily he can entertain himself for a few hours with a cardboard T/roll.  This week is going to be busy (one thing will be study catch up) but knowing in advance is okay.

Still no Ed in Alchemist – I want to know what happens.  Bleach is so boring at the moment – fight fight fight – blah!  Long drawn out constant power up rubbish.  I must say that although the Sasuke Itachi is longer than I would have liked, I’m still enjoying it.  What a fangirl I am…  ROA is back to story as well – yay!

Fiction note:  Been working on Meteora a bit and filling out some plot for Naruto filler story.  The Gate is still just sitting there but I have transcibed all my notes so that is progress. 

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Almost forgot –

February 12, 2008 at 13:08 (Uncategorized)

I got called a ‘godamn grammar nazi’ [sic] and I’m not really as bad as others – it was really funny.

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February 12, 2008 at 13:01 (Uncategorized)

things are not as bad as they first seem.  I’m not saying they turn out good but they are not so terrible.  ‘The Great Gatsby’ is one of those – the story is still boring but I’ve grown accustomed to the writing style.  Suddenly I’m also really getting into Theory of Literature; it’s not my favourite but I can comfortably do it.

I can now play page one of FFVII AC 🙂  Now I have to work on getting it to flow nicely – strangely I press harder with my left hand than with my right so while my right hand is stronger but left hand is more flexible.  My right hand may be achy from writing so much lately.  I force my will onto the page through the fierce grip of my pen.  Might be why typing is less tiring.

I’m busy making a corset and skirt at the moment, well, let me rephrase – I’m making a skirt and working on a corset.  I quite like making skirts, they are easy.  I would like to finish them this week as I have a busy week next week with three working days, two Japanese lessons and looking after L at an Argi show in … somewhere, I can’t remember.  I should be able to do it.

Very often I am amazed at the strange things than happen to me.  A few moments ago I pinched my arm while scratching my ankle.  My arm was against the desk cupboard and the wheel chair moved because I was moving and hit the door, pinching my arm.  The pain distracted the itchiness though.

Fiction note:  Planning on working on Meteora today but undecided.  Reception of short story was good – yay.  I need to finish it for next month, do a rewrite, edit and post it on

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How about this…

February 10, 2008 at 12:28 (Uncategorized)

a debate forum where comments have to be approved?  To me, that is not then a debate but someone having only favourable comments attached to their argument.  I should stop reading forums of popular stuff – it is littered with terrible English (and worse excuses for it) and general public opinion.  A Book of Secrets, which many think either holds magic or conspiracies and such, is actually a dictionary.

When it is really hot, like last night, I stay up really late so that I almost fall asleep immediately when I do go to bed and then sleep late (this only works on weekends).  But this morning my neighbour was doing DIY at 09h30 – I was just a little pissed.

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Genjutsu all round

February 8, 2008 at 14:30 (Uncategorized)

After reading a badly photographed RAW, that is all I can say.  Exact words I don’t know but there is some illusions (The Eyes) going on.  Sasuke is quite cool 😛

I’m battling a bit with Theory of Literature – there is a lot of names and stuff being thrown around; it going to take some work.   Today I analysed a poem (for something else).  Analysing it, to me, kind of takes the fun out of reading the poem.  There seems to be so much on what the author intended or how it can be interpreted; no one seems to just like it, it sounded sweet or made me cry.  You have to explain why it did all of that, find the ‘deeper meaning’ and then you feel silly; it’s like having to explain a joke – it’s no longer funny.   I can across a banner for correct English in forums and it had a spelling mistake so the message was a bit lost.

Fiction note:  I’m a judge for a competition for Romance Horror.  I suddenly thought today that I can’t judge and enter so my entry is on hold while I work on other stuff.  Though I did send a mail to check 😛

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