The Met

January 27, 2008 at 22:20 (Uncategorized)

Things I learnt at The Met:

No boning in clothes.

No heels.

Sun burns through umbrellas.

Betting based on horse’s name in a bad idea.

Get VIP tickets or don’t go.

Don’t go tired.

No need to understand betting to win.

Go for place if unsure.

Be prepared to lose everything – didn’t win once.

Watch your stuff.

But all in all an entertaining day, if very hot.  Got terribly sunburned – in a lot of pain.

Burning Sunlight 

Pale flesh withers in the heat of the daylight

The red heat on display for all to see the fright

The pain that throbs through out the night

Longing for relief in the cool light

Those that burn in the sunlight

Regret and suffer their plight



  1. Jo said,

    You should’ve mentioned you were going to the Met, my company did a big VIP tent there. I’m sure I could’ve scored you some VIP action :).

  2. nantalith said,

    One the day we got some VIP ticket but only two – there were three of us. We used them for the bathrooms in the main building. It was rather nice in there with the aircon and all that.

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