Oh sigh

January 18, 2008 at 11:24 (Uncategorized)

I nearly finished reading chapter three for Japanese this morning while waiting nearly a hour for the train.  It’s more about verbs again… more forms… but it says these will be the last lot of forms so at least there is that 🙂    Due to power outs I still don’t know if I passed my vocab test but I’m not being charged for the lesson – yay.

There is no resale value in manga.  One, the buyers aren’t sure what it is and two, too few people buy it for it to be a quick sale.  Trading nine manga for the price of one hurts a bit but I wasn’t reading them and so, for me, to  get one that I reread over and over for nine that I don’t read at all is okay.  Mostly 😛  I’m currently working my way through Naruto again so I want more and while I love Alchemist and reread it the most, it is expensive.

Today is the day for the next Naruto chapter… I hope the fight ends like I hope  o_O   My luck it will be late and only come out tomorrow or Sunday.


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