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January 8, 2008 at 10:03 (Uncategorized)

I haven’t written anything for about a month but I have been sewing like mad. First was the rush job wedding that was completed on time; I now refuse to make people I don’t know clothes – bespoke is gone. Though, hopefully soon, I will find material and make Tsukikoneko and Bumpycat’s jackets. The lack of material is driving me nuts. No matter where I go there is the same stuff for the same prices and the cheaper it is the shitter it is. I’m planning a trip to UK and Germany next year and will be looking for material as well as other things (stock for the shop). The few items I have in the shop are selling quite well – very pleased.

I stopped off at the haberdashery on my way to RD for manga and bought some supplies, they are not what I want but will work. But instead of sewing like I had planned Aki-chan and I moved the house around so now it is completely different – not different as in something Howl would do but the furniture is all moved round and it looks really nice. My piano has prime position in the bay window.

Japanese starts next Monday – I hate starting again after a long break, it seems to take ages to get back into it and I forget bunches of stuff and have generally become rather lazy. Though I have started by myself already so it shouldn’t be too bad. Posted my registration for Unisa this morning.

Fiction note: working on ‘All that is Lost’ and ‘Meteora’. I have a crazy idea of rewriting FFVII as a typical fantasy but there are so many characters and plots hmm… I think I might be mad to attempt it. What I am also attempting is translating Full Metal Alchemist into Afrikaans. I’ve discovered my Afrikaans is very bad. I was also tempted to start with Kingdom Hearts – the story is easier and complete 😛


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