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I find myself lately obsessed with writing poetry (see below). It’s fun to play with the words but my consuming need to write is a bit strange. I’m also highly annoyed that Naruto comes out once a week; I’m wanting it everyday – it’s The Fight, I can’t help it. I’m distracting myself with my one module, which is rather cool and I’m enjoying it muchly 🙂

This morning I set up my sewing machine so I can finish the coat I’ve been working on for weeks. I say that but for weeks it has had no work done on it. I’m also wanting to do some cross stich kanji with cherry blossoms or bamboo. I think I might go for ‘hope’. I like the word and it is used in Moonchild, my all time favourite movie. I also like ‘faith’ – faith that someone loves you, faith in your abilities… faith in the end. I think, above all else, people need faith. On a side note, I don’t mean organised religion so don’t get confused.

Fiction note: hmmm, nothing much in Meteora but came up with a intro for a KHII fic while thinking of Meteora. Only having an intro means nothing so I started a list of all this worlds I could set it in, then I thought I would set it in a new world (KHII had PotC which the first one didn’t have) but which world? I was thinking of a FF world but they are lost so… it will require thinking and a plot. I will, however, be leaving out Disney.


Under the quiet stars

Come the voices from far

Calling you with promise of love

The heart of those you adore above

Moving stealthy through the night

Knowing you love is alright

Howl in the grey moonlight

Marked a creature of the night

Never lost among the stars

Travel near, travel far

Pleased within your heart of love

The heart of those you adore above


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The Met

January 27, 2008 at 22:20 (Uncategorized)

Things I learnt at The Met:

No boning in clothes.

No heels.

Sun burns through umbrellas.

Betting based on horse’s name in a bad idea.

Get VIP tickets or don’t go.

Don’t go tired.

No need to understand betting to win.

Go for place if unsure.

Be prepared to lose everything – didn’t win once.

Watch your stuff.

But all in all an entertaining day, if very hot.  Got terribly sunburned – in a lot of pain.

Burning Sunlight 

Pale flesh withers in the heat of the daylight

The red heat on display for all to see the fright

The pain that throbs through out the night

Longing for relief in the cool light

Those that burn in the sunlight

Regret and suffer their plight

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January 26, 2008 at 09:42 (Uncategorized)

You can count on siblings to tell you the truth – apparently I run like a turkey.

There are more XIII Versus scan out, the more I see the more I want the game.  While it would have been very cool for the Itachi Sasuke fight to end the way it did, it would have meant that loads of information would have been lost… a very cool chapter again.  But I am biased as I love the Uchiha.

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January 22, 2008 at 13:09 (Uncategorized)

I am very pleased at the moment – very.  I just received Squall’s necklace as a gift.  It’s the lion heart one – it is so awesome.  My face is totally beaming.

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January 22, 2008 at 11:08 (Uncategorized)

I saw some awesome stills for FFXIII Versus – very nice.  Game due out beginning of 2009.  The concept art for Squall for Dissidia (later this year) is also nice.  Versus looks kind of gloomy – I can’t wait.

Again no Japanese lesson due to power out but not my side this time – luckily I managed to get another lesson for tomorrow morning early.  And sensei thinks I’ve passed my vocab test – yokatta!   I have to do ICDL for this year and was dreading trekking out to Parow to write the tests (7) but found a centre literally across the road in the business park.  It costs R25 more to write it there but so worth the cost.  PLUS there is no exam 🙂

Fiction note:  Posted ‘All that is Lost’, now working on ‘Meteora’.

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January 19, 2008 at 07:45 (Uncategorized)

Okay, so going on the Chinese RAW I found sometime last night, the fight doesn’t end but many words are exchanged and there is a short flashback.

 Fiction note:  After some weeks of wabbing I settled down yesterday and finished All that is Lost; it will get a final once over this afternoon and posted this evening or tomorrow – provided there is power.

 Edit:  Just read 385 – very cool 😀

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Oh sigh

January 18, 2008 at 11:24 (Uncategorized)

I nearly finished reading chapter three for Japanese this morning while waiting nearly a hour for the train.  It’s more about verbs again… more forms… but it says these will be the last lot of forms so at least there is that 🙂    Due to power outs I still don’t know if I passed my vocab test but I’m not being charged for the lesson – yay.

There is no resale value in manga.  One, the buyers aren’t sure what it is and two, too few people buy it for it to be a quick sale.  Trading nine manga for the price of one hurts a bit but I wasn’t reading them and so, for me, to  get one that I reread over and over for nine that I don’t read at all is okay.  Mostly 😛  I’m currently working my way through Naruto again so I want more and while I love Alchemist and reread it the most, it is expensive.

Today is the day for the next Naruto chapter… I hope the fight ends like I hope  o_O   My luck it will be late and only come out tomorrow or Sunday.

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January 15, 2008 at 11:24 (Uncategorized)

I forgot about Alchemist… in my defence I didn’t actually realise the date and I’ve been wondering about the Sasuke Itachi fight.  Very cool chapter but there was death… and I liked that character.

I had some homework that needed to be done for my lesson yesterday and I finished it yesterday morning amid some stress over not getting it done during the break.  As I sat all ready for the lesson – the power went off.  But I thought I had a cunning plan – the laptop is wireless so I could use that but, obviously, I couldn’t.  It also meant that while I was waiting for it to come back on I couldn’t sew nor practice piano.  So I went to work early.

L has a tooth or rather the beginnings of one.  I’ve written a short story or rather, most of a short story for writing group next month – I think it’s a bit funny, I hope others do.

The rain falls on my face

The smell of earth fills the air

You are not beside me

And what a cloudless sky above me

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January 11, 2008 at 15:05 (Uncategorized)

Patterns are loathsome – follow the marks and words and it WON’T meet up.  This is why I don’t follow them; not matter where they come from.  My latest joy is a coat with pockets.  I’ve never made a coat so this is why I decided to work from the pattern and instructions – what a waste of material…

To add to my woes – two of my shoes have given up on me; today and yesterday. 

On to happier things – Naruto 384 was very awesome and I hope the fight actually ends there – it would be great but I am also prepared for a drawn out fight.  It would be great if my most anticipated fight ended like I hope.  AND I was given a bunch of MP3s which included Smashing Pumpkins Adore.  Perfect  😉

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um, title… well, er… ?

January 8, 2008 at 10:03 (Uncategorized)

I haven’t written anything for about a month but I have been sewing like mad. First was the rush job wedding that was completed on time; I now refuse to make people I don’t know clothes – bespoke is gone. Though, hopefully soon, I will find material and make Tsukikoneko and Bumpycat’s jackets. The lack of material is driving me nuts. No matter where I go there is the same stuff for the same prices and the cheaper it is the shitter it is. I’m planning a trip to UK and Germany next year and will be looking for material as well as other things (stock for the shop). The few items I have in the shop are selling quite well – very pleased.

I stopped off at the haberdashery on my way to RD for manga and bought some supplies, they are not what I want but will work. But instead of sewing like I had planned Aki-chan and I moved the house around so now it is completely different – not different as in something Howl would do but the furniture is all moved round and it looks really nice. My piano has prime position in the bay window.

Japanese starts next Monday – I hate starting again after a long break, it seems to take ages to get back into it and I forget bunches of stuff and have generally become rather lazy. Though I have started by myself already so it shouldn’t be too bad. Posted my registration for Unisa this morning.

Fiction note: working on ‘All that is Lost’ and ‘Meteora’. I have a crazy idea of rewriting FFVII as a typical fantasy but there are so many characters and plots hmm… I think I might be mad to attempt it. What I am also attempting is translating Full Metal Alchemist into Afrikaans. I’ve discovered my Afrikaans is very bad. I was also tempted to start with Kingdom Hearts – the story is easier and complete 😛

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