What the fuck!

December 16, 2007 at 23:38 (Uncategorized)

What logo are people going on about?  I’ve had people say my logo is weird and it looks like child cruelty (?); comment deleted.  As well as where did I get it.  The main page is a WordPress template; it is called ‘dusk’, the description has something about floral.  I chose it because of the colours and it looks somewhat Elf like to me.  There are no hidden messages in it.  Get your mind out the fucking gutters and why would you want to know where to get child cruelty stuff from anyway.  Do the world a favour and stop breathing.

On a side note, the comments are from ???@aol.com and the links lead to error pages.



  1. stv said,

    Don’t sweat it, yo. Just comment spam, man.
    Have you got Akismet plug-in turned on?

  2. nantalith said,

    I know but it’s still annoying; Akismet is on. I shouldn’t blog when I’m tired though.

  3. evo. said,

    All I see an cool abstracty design.

  4. nantalith said,

    Me too but maybe it is like those inkblot tests. Anyway, I like it.

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