Bleach and fire and sewing and pain and …

November 20, 2007 at 16:38 (Uncategorized)

There is another Bleach movie – The Diamond Dust Rebellion.  It’s due for release December 22; at the moment I’m still waiting for the fourth Naruto movie.  Smoczek has blogged about a Dragonball live action movie, I remember a rumour going round years ago but there was nothing to sustain it.  Though I blame Toriyama for the long drawn out battles in Bleach (he gave Tite advice) – you have the Final Attack which gets defeated but it’s okay because there is the Ultimate Attack and if that fails (it always does) there is the Final Ultimate Attack of Doom.  It’s doesn’t help that the opponent also has all these hidden attacks.  I like fight scene but I like concise, clever fight scenes.

On Monday morning really early (04h00 again) there was the smell of smoke in the house, then there was piles of smoke – it turned out that one of the houses in the street behind us was burning but the fire people arrived and put it out.

My dress is taking a lot of work but is looking rather cool – working with metal zips is tricky.  I have to make sure I don’t run the machine over them and break my needle or machine.    I’m even taking pictures as I go so I can put them on my sewing site in case others want something like it.   My shin is still swollen and now yellow fading to purple but it’s not sore to touch.  Improvement!


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