November 5, 2007 at 23:05 (Uncategorized)


 I used to really enjoy them as a kid so I was quite keen to see the movie but was disappointed.  The whole thing was CG – the ‘stupid looking human’ CG I don’t like but the turtles were well done. 

I  spend Sunday in the rain judging cross country, getting thoroughly soaked twice.  I was company that got roped into judging – there is nothing to it.  Did they make it – yes/no?  Not sure if I would do it again.  Maybe if I got to be a Judge (XII) 😛  I think it might be a bit distracting; the impressive armour, huge weapons… lots of HP.

My Japanese lesson got cancelled today so I have extra days till the next one but less days after that for the following lesson.  The thing is I know the work for this week and the new stuff is hard so I need all six days between lessons.  Apart from the Japanese and very few working days I do have time to work on a creation… totally inspired by Stardust.  I’m really keen to start this project, it is most likely the biggest thing I’ve done for myself.  It requires layering of skirts, corset and long sleeves – all of which I can do so no problem 🙂  I make lots of stuff and occasionally I get an idea I know will look cool with a little extra work put in – I think this may be one. 

Fiction note:  Introduced magic into OF – was well received; glad.  Unsure whether to kill a character in one of my fanfictions – it can easily go either without loosing plot.  Half of me is keen because it would be something different for me while the other half is not so keen as he is a favorite character of mine. 


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