October 8, 2007 at 14:27 (Uncategorized)

One test passed 🙂  Only four more to go 😦  I was let off doing the Japanese reading review last week due to Sensei being rather ill so it was this afternoon and now it is done.  I never get my exact marks but it was apparently well above the passmark which is 85%.  So good all round.   I still have the vocab test but managed to move it to the end of November as I’ll have no time for Japanese till after the varsity exams,  I want great marks. 

 I was doing some sewing last week and through pure laziness I didn’t fetch the overlocker from the cupboard.  I ended up making a few things without it and the whole area was way clearer and less… harassed?  Doesn’t make sense but I really enjoyed it.  Next month I’m sewing for a wedding in December.  I spend most of the weekend with my nephew, L.  I love him to bits.

Fiction note:  erm, well – busy with cross over FF fic mostly but an idea for a sequel came about so have been working on that most.   So I’m writing a sequel for a fiction that isn’t finished.   OF is going along which is good, it needs editing but so long as stuff is on paper I’m happy.


Walk the trail of ice that twinkles from beginning

to the end that is soaked in dew.

As long as the light is hidden,

do not fall blind on the diamond dust

that cuts and stains the dawn with red.


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  1. stv said,

    Woo, congratulations! 😀

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