October 2, 2007 at 18:22 (Uncategorized)

I was mopping on my bed after calling animal hospitals and shelters, getting the same news – sorry, no cat of that discription has been admitted, when I hear my cat! He’s comes in demanding food. Apart from being hungry and very thirsty, he is okay 🙂

My day had not been good – I spent most of it trying not to cry and mostly succeeding. I had a moment after the phone calls but managed okay after that. The SPCA person was very kind though.

I am so relieved.



  1. evo.llusion said,

    Yay cat is home !!!! – Silly cat…..

  2. dystopia said,

    really glad to hear the cat is back. lost kitties are very worrying, i have been in a similar situation, and it wasn’t fun

  3. nantalith said,

    I am very pleased he is home – tonight I double checked as I came in 😛

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