September 23, 2007 at 10:05 (Uncategorized)

Went for Korean BBQ on Friday night – it was so cool and very tasty.  I really like the idea of cooking your own meat – that way you can get it exactly the way you like it, then pile it on rice and wolf it down 🙂  Definitely going again and it wasn’t to badly priced either – about R100 per person but in future I’ll probably share with some one as you get meat, rice, soup and a bunch of things you can fry or eat with your meal. 

Naruto this week was rather cool again but I really can’t wait for Hagaren.  Aki-chan and I were talking the other day and both of us are pretty sure Square is going to do something about a FFVII remake.  Just before the season rush they’ll announce the release of the remake or something like that – there it will be on the shelves for everyone.  Though if they are thinking about a remake for the PS3 I can also see why they would wait until XIII came out, make sure everything is okay before redoing a title of such popularity. 


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