G stands for…

August 31, 2007 at 11:09 (Uncategorized)

… Genesis.

I’ve been doing some reading on Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core as well as Dirge of Cerberus.  In FFVIICC there is a character called Genesis (SOLDIER First Class) and in FFVIIDC there is mention of a person by the name of G (Vincent’s brother).  I think they are the one and the same owing to some cuts scenes I saw for DC and promotional stills from CC.  They are dressed the same and look the same; as a bonus they are voiced by Gackt (which also starts with G).  I know Genesis has some thing to do with Sephiroth but I’m not sure what.  He does disappear and Sephiroth and Zack go to look for him in  Wutai.  Unfortunately CC is for the PSP.  Though, Genesis’ character costume is really cool.

List of bad things for today – still ill, tired, migraine, slow working painkillers and rainy weather.  It’s not that cold so it’s not too bad but I do want to go home and sleep.



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