August 9, 2007 at 10:49 (Uncategorized)

Man, I love manga 🙂

 I can’t get over the anticipation of Hagaren (three days to go), my only regret is that it is monthly but I get 44 pages of awesome artwork and script.  It truly doesn’t hurt that it’s a Square Enix publication (check – one fangirl).  I stay up late, which is rare, on Friday nights to get Naruto, it’s weekly but I only get 17 pages and the artwork is okay.  Unfortunately Bleach is not really going anywhere at the moment and the artwork has gone down a bit and the shinigami seem to have fallen away to make space of long one on one fights.  Only problem with shounen manga.

 Now that my house is painted and looking nice I can haul out my sewing machines again.  I’ve been dying to sew but with people and paint in the way I did not want to risk my fabric.  I’ve been consoling myself my writing fanfiction and fighting with the piano – not literally as I would have heart failure if anything happened to it, I’ve waited almost ten years to get it.

KHII is quiet cool.  Aki-chan finished it the other night but didn’t get the secret ending – which we watched on youtube ages ago.  Actually we watched all the cut scenes and read the script months before the game was released in the UK.  Silly really but I couldn’t leave Riku on the other side of the door.

Japanese study group is limping along – shit!  People just want to talk about organising it but when it comes round to committing there is silence.  It’s almost as if they want to leave the space open in case something better comes along.  Why study a language if you don’t want to use it?  Is it for dinner table conversation?  To be ‘out there’?  I’m selectively stubborn and I do want this to work…


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