G stands for…

August 31, 2007 at 11:09 (Uncategorized)

… Genesis.

I’ve been doing some reading on Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core as well as Dirge of Cerberus.  In FFVIICC there is a character called Genesis (SOLDIER First Class) and in FFVIIDC there is mention of a person by the name of G (Vincent’s brother).  I think they are the one and the same owing to some cuts scenes I saw for DC and promotional stills from CC.  They are dressed the same and look the same; as a bonus they are voiced by Gackt (which also starts with G).  I know Genesis has some thing to do with Sephiroth but I’m not sure what.  He does disappear and Sephiroth and Zack go to look for him in  Wutai.  Unfortunately CC is for the PSP.  Though, Genesis’ character costume is really cool.

List of bad things for today – still ill, tired, migraine, slow working painkillers and rainy weather.  It’s not that cold so it’s not too bad but I do want to go home and sleep.



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Thrilling stuff

August 30, 2007 at 15:03 (Uncategorized)

Nothing beats coming home to find a door open. After a search around the house the only thing out of place were the two kitties sleeping next to each other – actually touching. Rational thinking kicked (there are two dogs in the garden) and on closer inspection, the door hadn’t been locked to begin with. Wind or dog pushed the door open.

All that excitement aside, I’ll still sick as anything. It’s really beginning to annoy me now.

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Illness Illusions

August 28, 2007 at 10:16 (Uncategorized)

I’m hoping now, after five weeks, this really is the last legs of the cold that had been following me around.  It hasn’t been too terrible of late except now I sometimes don’t have a voice – I just don’t want the phone to ring while it’s gone.  Just my luck my voice will disappear while on the phone and return as soon as I put down.

It is almost impossible to use the online yellow pages and get the results you want.  Typing in Cape Town will get you stuff from Durban – you know because they are really the same place.  City, habour, holiday destination all the same thing.

I spend most of yesterday waiting for a delivery that didn’t come  so now I have shiny silver nails.

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To Kill someone…

August 24, 2007 at 12:31 (Uncategorized)

I had to write an argumentative piece for varsity some time ago and I eventually got it back.  I got a good mark as well 🙂

Is it aways equally wrong to kill another person, or are some killings more justifiable than others?

Planning to kill someone and accidentally killing some are two different actions with the responsibility of the resulting death being placed on different reasons. Killing may not be justifiable but it is not always wrong.

In the instance where someone has planned to kill another. All responsibility is placed on the killer. Apart from planning to kill someone, which is not only against the law but against the moral code of humanity of many people, he was aware of his actions when he executed his plan. There are situations where people are not in control of their actions such as the mentally ill but in just about every theory or case study there are exceptions.

In accidental death there are more variables that in murder. If someone was killed through negligence, such as drunk driving, the responsibility is placed on the drunk driver who drove knowing he was not in control of himself or his actions. Some responsibility could be placed on the victim in that, had he been more observant he may have seen the situation developing and attempted action to avoid the on coming situation. But how much responsibility should one take for another’s actions, if any?

Were someone to break into another’s house and he was discovered and killed in self-defence, who would take responsibility there? The killer for defending his home and family from someone who intended harm; not necessarily physical? Or the victim whose conscious actions placed him in a situation that lead to his demise. Had the victim not been in the house in the first place, he would not have been killed.

Lastly, if there was a fight between two people over something and one died. Would the responsibility be placed on the instigator or defender? Could the lack of self-control be an excuse for killing someone? Or is it that one felt so strongly about it that he was willing to kill for it? He may not have planned to kill over it but ended up doing so. He did not plan to kill and did not regret his cause but regretted the resulting death. His strong belief makes him responsible for his actions and the reactions that follow.

Killing is not always equally wrong, situations dictate the degree of responsibility placed on the killer. Justifying killing someone is removing the responsibility of taking a life; the fact that someone’s life was taken does not change. The killer should remain accountable if not responsible for the death.

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Olive stones are dangerous!

August 18, 2007 at 11:40 (Uncategorized)

It’s true.  One got stuck in my shoe on the way to the train station and in getting it out, the pointy end stabbed me.  I didn’t think anything of it until I got to work.  So for most of yesterday and today I have a new typing style; it doesn’t work very well owning to one missing finger which is slightly puffy and sore as hell.  Middle finger is only used to typing three keys, not nine. So many mistakes…
It’s one of those strange cases where the size of the wound (tiny) doesn’t match the pain felt.

I thought that the last Naruto ended on a cliff hanger but I was sooooooo wrong – this week is a true cliff hanger -shit, I’ve got to wait a week.  I was not impressed when I only saw 15 pages but now I see why.

Fiction note:  Ha ha – cross over is awesome!  This constant writing has improved my skills, I’m sure of it.  One thing that has improved are my marks lately.  Ever since I stopped working at the Dungeon things have got better.  I calculated my average is about 74% – bloody close to where I want it.  It’s strange but I like to get high marks – it’s like saying fuck you to somebody who put you down but I don’t know who.

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Final Fantasy XIII

August 17, 2007 at 12:01 (Uncategorized)

It seams like FFXIII has fallen off the map.  The same news is being cycled round and round.  Apparently there is going to be some major stuff at the TGS next month.  I’m really wanting to find out more about FFXIII Versus; I know it’s for the PS3 and the team that worked on FFVIIAC and KH are working on it, it’s battle system may be something like KH and the lead is Storm but that could change.  There was a rumour that the gameplay would be something like a third person shooter but that seams to be wrong so I don’t really know.

There was nothing at E3 about XIII – disappointing.  I hope they make up for it with the TGS.

Some time ago Nomura flat out denied that there were any plans to remake FFVII but there is a major petition going round, it has over 15 000 signatures.  I think I was 16 4 something something.  I spend a lot of time this week looking up news on FF as there was no shounen manga this week (Bleach, Naruto and others that I don’t read) and Naruto ended on such a cliff hanger.  Not sure why there was no manga, no one seems to know.  It’s not too bad as I’ve been puzzling over recent developments in Hagaren.  Some stuff is happening in Central and what I think is a flashback.  Curiouser and curiouser…

Hiromu is also writing another manga called Juushin Enbu but it’s nowhere near as popular as Hagaren but bloody good.  It comes out bi-monthly and I’m waiting for a translation of Chapter Four.  Not many people are keen on it but there is talk of it being made into an anime so I might have to wait for those that watch only to spread the word. I’m under the assumption that more people watch than read while most don’t read at all so popularity can only be gained once something has made it into an anime.

For the first time in my life I bought a pair of pants that were too long for me. If I stand on my toes, they come half way down my foot – WOW!

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August 16, 2007 at 08:20 (Uncategorized)

I like to wear black socks only – the main reason being all my shoes are black.  I’ve been unable to find black socks lately so when a guy come into the shop selling stuff, I asked if he had socks.  He didn’t but could fetch and he did.  He would give me a special price if I bought 12.  First thought:  what am I going to do with so many socks?  Second thought:  won’t really run out of socks for awhile. 

Half the socks are actually black while the rest are a very dark blue but could be mistaken for black unless you put them against black.  One pair was light grey which isn’t a problem except that they were two different sizes.

A dozen pair of socks equals 24 socks to wash and hang.  But leaving out the dud pair, I only had 22.

I ended up eating my lunch for breakfast at work yesterday – I was reading Hagaren.  I was in no danger of missing my train but definitely got hungry riding to work.  One plus side of not having a working sewing machine is that I’m now forced to finish all the hand work on a couple of things that I’ve been putting of for ages.

Fiction note:  OF going well.  The plot thickens for the FF cross over but The Gate has been neglected. 

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August 13, 2007 at 09:35 (Uncategorized)

My sewing machine is not happy – I can’t use it.  I have to send it in for a service but with all the reconstruction in Claremont, the sewing shop moved and I have no idea where it went.  I have to find another but I have work that I want to do and one item that I have to do.

I went ice skating yesterday – it was awesome.  I loved it; can’t wait to go again.  I have some sore spots but no bruises however, I do have a fall on camera.  Some lady stepped out in front of me and I don’t know how to move out of the way – it was my first time skating.  I think what hurts the most is when my hands hit the ice – the ice is really rough.  But the whole thing was so cool. 

But then I really adore ice element things.

Still no RAW for Hagaren – damn.

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August 10, 2007 at 16:41 (Uncategorized)

I was asked last night to play in a LARP tonight.  It’s an Elf LARP so I said sure but when I put the phone down I remembered that I had given away all my Elf dresses.  Luckily I have sewing skills and left over wedding matarial – it’s pink but whatever.  It helped that I don’t work much anymore so today was free.  It looks good except that it is too big for me but it’s cold today so I doubt I’ll even take my cloak off.

 No Naruto this week – damn.  Hagaren usually comes out on the 12th of every month but seeing as the 12th is a Sunday I was hoping to get the RAW today but no such luck.    Maybe tomorrow.

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August 9, 2007 at 10:49 (Uncategorized)

Man, I love manga 🙂

 I can’t get over the anticipation of Hagaren (three days to go), my only regret is that it is monthly but I get 44 pages of awesome artwork and script.  It truly doesn’t hurt that it’s a Square Enix publication (check – one fangirl).  I stay up late, which is rare, on Friday nights to get Naruto, it’s weekly but I only get 17 pages and the artwork is okay.  Unfortunately Bleach is not really going anywhere at the moment and the artwork has gone down a bit and the shinigami seem to have fallen away to make space of long one on one fights.  Only problem with shounen manga.

 Now that my house is painted and looking nice I can haul out my sewing machines again.  I’ve been dying to sew but with people and paint in the way I did not want to risk my fabric.  I’ve been consoling myself my writing fanfiction and fighting with the piano – not literally as I would have heart failure if anything happened to it, I’ve waited almost ten years to get it.

KHII is quiet cool.  Aki-chan finished it the other night but didn’t get the secret ending – which we watched on youtube ages ago.  Actually we watched all the cut scenes and read the script months before the game was released in the UK.  Silly really but I couldn’t leave Riku on the other side of the door.

Japanese study group is limping along – shit!  People just want to talk about organising it but when it comes round to committing there is silence.  It’s almost as if they want to leave the space open in case something better comes along.  Why study a language if you don’t want to use it?  Is it for dinner table conversation?  To be ‘out there’?  I’m selectively stubborn and I do want this to work…

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