July 25, 2007 at 19:10 (Uncategorized)

in both temperature and aliment.

Metrorail is really great sometimes – like today… I love waiting for a train that doesn’t come; what a trill!  Will I get to work on time?  Will I be late?  And by how much?  It gets even better because when the next train arrives it’s so full that I would have to stand between the carriages to get anywhere – there is no way I’m doing this, I once had to jump off the train (not moving) and it was rather high off the ground (taller than me high).   In the years I have been taking the train, the amount of people using the train has increased – even Sundays.  I used to have a choice of seats available but now I sometimes don’t get one.  So when a train doesn’t arrive there are twice as many people and to get on the train is nearly impossible.  I once got on a fairly full train and it got fuller and fuller – I got off early and caught the next one as I was being pushed further and further from the door and feared I wouldn’t be able to get off at my stop.  And they still claim that there are not enough people to warrant more trains.

Saturday is the first Japanese study group that I started, I’ve set out an activity and everything.  I just hope my cold moves on so that I can talk.

 Fiction note:  OF is going well – the writing group is really helping.  The Gate (Bleach/Hagaren) is not going so well – I’m too busy writing action scenes for my FF Crossover, which has nothing else so far.


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  1. jess said,

    I ❤ metrorail SA. Check out Monkey Dust on Youtube!!!! Cartoon English Humour.

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