July 14, 2007 at 11:27 (Uncategorized)

One thing I can check off the list of things I’ve done – karaoke.

At least I know I wasn’t wrong in my guess that karaoke is not fun.  And singing is not a talent I have (but this I also knew).  To me, because I can hear myself, I sound off key, hesitant and croaky.  Even though I’ve been told that being able to sing is not the point of karaoke, I don’t think I’ll subject people to a entire song of …hmm, shit.

Another thing I’ve done has been to not eat dairy for nine months.  At first I felt really good and full of energy but over the months, my general feeling of ‘unwell’ and migraines have returned to their previous state, so I’ve given up on that.  I’m still not touching that cow secretion raw though – argh.

Aki-chan and I were watching LOTR the other day again – it’s still really cool.  For pure story telling I still think the first one is the best.

All my Unisa assignments are in for the year, next are exams in October.  Japanese is going really well; terribly pleased actually.  But then I’ve been working really on it so I’m glad there are results.  Speaking of results, I got some back for my argumentative writing –  72%  YAY!  Much better than previous results, not ideal but close.

Fiction note: I’ve been working mostly on my OF lately and not on any fanfiction but I’m still toying with my FF crossover as well as my Bleach/Alchemist.



  1. jess said,

    I hear soya milk increases the production of estrogen, which triggers migraines… :S

  2. nantalith said,

    Really! That was my calcium suppliment. I must look into that.

  3. nantalith said,

    It doesn’t really increase production – it has high levels of very weak estrogen-like phytoestrogens, which act like estrogen. Migraines and estrogen appears to be related to menstruation, from what I can find out.

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