July 9, 2007 at 11:03 (Uncategorized)

Feverfew is great for the disorientation that a migraine brings but it aggravates the nausea.  So you can chose whether you want to be disorientated for several hours or throw up for several hours. 

I’ve also read recently that migraines are possibly caused by small ateries in the scalp and not the brain (feverfew reduces inflamation of blood vessels in the brain) and by applying pressure to these ateries they can lessen the pain or make it dissapear (it returns when the pressure is lifted).  The theory goes that by permanently blocking the painful vessels migraines can be prevented.  This makes sense to me because when I have a migraine, I hold the painful side of my head and it lessen quite a lot.

I’m having work done on my house – painting and stuff.  Once it’s all done it’s going to look really nice but till then it will be paint fumes and noisy people in my house.  It also meant I had to leave my friend’s house early this morning to get home on time (house-sitting is done).  Funny thing about cats – no matter who owns them they are all miffed when you get up in the morning; they sit and stare at you with flat ears, their expression is one of ‘get back in that bed so I can sleep on you’.



  1. jess said,

    which Akira did you want?

    soz the feverfew isn’t a perfect elixir. will have to work on making a new one, or just install new ateries whilst you’re asleep.

  2. nantalith said,

    Well, because there are so many ateries in the scalp, blocking select few should cause no harm. It would all depend on which ateries, I guess.

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