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when I mentioned in an earlier post that 72% was close to the marks I wanted I didn’t think I could have followed up with 100% – it took me a moment of rereading (and rereading) to see what I was seeing.  I’m still battling a bit but er… yay!

I think the meeting for the Japanese study group went okay, now I have to wait and see if people are as enthusiastic about it as me.  Or for them to figure out how to use facebook.

I found out yesterday a great reason to have a cold – your body gets so tired that the pain from a migraine can’t keep you awake and you can actually get a night’s sleep but you are still tired the next day because you have a cold …

I’ve come to the realisation that I don’t know what a lot of the foreign words that are used in English mean.  I must start to look them up, I think I’ll understand news articles better.  I tried to translate a page of Hagaren the other day – difficult.  I’m going to try a simpler manga.  Naruto is having some interesting developments – I’m looking forward to it almost as much as Hagaren.  Silliness, how could I forget – we bought a TV yesterday so now I can play KHII which has been sitting in it’s box waiting.  It also means I can finish FFXII.

The 100% still seems strange.


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in both temperature and aliment.

Metrorail is really great sometimes – like today… I love waiting for a train that doesn’t come; what a trill!  Will I get to work on time?  Will I be late?  And by how much?  It gets even better because when the next train arrives it’s so full that I would have to stand between the carriages to get anywhere – there is no way I’m doing this, I once had to jump off the train (not moving) and it was rather high off the ground (taller than me high).   In the years I have been taking the train, the amount of people using the train has increased – even Sundays.  I used to have a choice of seats available but now I sometimes don’t get one.  So when a train doesn’t arrive there are twice as many people and to get on the train is nearly impossible.  I once got on a fairly full train and it got fuller and fuller – I got off early and caught the next one as I was being pushed further and further from the door and feared I wouldn’t be able to get off at my stop.  And they still claim that there are not enough people to warrant more trains.

Saturday is the first Japanese study group that I started, I’ve set out an activity and everything.  I just hope my cold moves on so that I can talk.

 Fiction note:  OF is going well – the writing group is really helping.  The Gate (Bleach/Hagaren) is not going so well – I’m too busy writing action scenes for my FF Crossover, which has nothing else so far.

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I saw Transformer on Saturday – it was great.  I was not expecting much as I don’t really like Transformers but I thought the movie was cool. 

I also saw HP on Friday – it was cute enough.

I saw two movie preview I want to see – Stardust and I am legend. 

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Zombie dog

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The zombie dog went missing on Tuesday – the gates wasn’t closed properly and she went for a walk.  Strangely a friend of mine’s grandmother found her so we got her back yesterday.  So, I’ve made some muffins for a thank you thing – it’s not even my dog and I don’t like dogs, in particular this dog but I’m not going to do anything to hurt or abandone her.  It would just be nice if she moved on.

Sometimes I really wish I lived in Japan… With the release of FFCC, there is going to be a limited PSP bundle which includes a PSP with cool CC logos on it – WAI!  As well as the game and a keychain.  Things have been quiet on the FFXIII front – there was nothing at E3 either.  Not that it matters much – it will be awhile before I can afford a PS3.

Fiction note:  Started work on Bleach/Alchemist fic – thinking about creating own writing site…

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Hot Fuzz Sunday

July 15, 2007 at 20:54 (Uncategorized)

and there was ice cream too (cornetto).

 Double bill – Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz.  A great way to spend a Sunday afternoon; personally I prefer Hot Fuzz.

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One thing I can check off the list of things I’ve done – karaoke.

At least I know I wasn’t wrong in my guess that karaoke is not fun.  And singing is not a talent I have (but this I also knew).  To me, because I can hear myself, I sound off key, hesitant and croaky.  Even though I’ve been told that being able to sing is not the point of karaoke, I don’t think I’ll subject people to a entire song of …hmm, shit.

Another thing I’ve done has been to not eat dairy for nine months.  At first I felt really good and full of energy but over the months, my general feeling of ‘unwell’ and migraines have returned to their previous state, so I’ve given up on that.  I’m still not touching that cow secretion raw though – argh.

Aki-chan and I were watching LOTR the other day again – it’s still really cool.  For pure story telling I still think the first one is the best.

All my Unisa assignments are in for the year, next are exams in October.  Japanese is going really well; terribly pleased actually.  But then I’ve been working really on it so I’m glad there are results.  Speaking of results, I got some back for my argumentative writing –  72%  YAY!  Much better than previous results, not ideal but close.

Fiction note: I’ve been working mostly on my OF lately and not on any fanfiction but I’m still toying with my FF crossover as well as my Bleach/Alchemist.

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July 12, 2007 at 17:32 (Uncategorized)

1) a Japanese word written using the foreign word method.

2) a Japanese school social happening tomorrow night.

Hagane no Renkinjutsushi came out today 🙂 

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July 9, 2007 at 11:03 (Uncategorized)

Feverfew is great for the disorientation that a migraine brings but it aggravates the nausea.  So you can chose whether you want to be disorientated for several hours or throw up for several hours. 

I’ve also read recently that migraines are possibly caused by small ateries in the scalp and not the brain (feverfew reduces inflamation of blood vessels in the brain) and by applying pressure to these ateries they can lessen the pain or make it dissapear (it returns when the pressure is lifted).  The theory goes that by permanently blocking the painful vessels migraines can be prevented.  This makes sense to me because when I have a migraine, I hold the painful side of my head and it lessen quite a lot.

I’m having work done on my house – painting and stuff.  Once it’s all done it’s going to look really nice but till then it will be paint fumes and noisy people in my house.  It also meant I had to leave my friend’s house early this morning to get home on time (house-sitting is done).  Funny thing about cats – no matter who owns them they are all miffed when you get up in the morning; they sit and stare at you with flat ears, their expression is one of ‘get back in that bed so I can sleep on you’.

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July 4, 2007 at 19:14 (Uncategorized)

I had to do research today at home and the website was rather annoying – if you stopped working for whatever reason (to make a cup of tea or stop the dogs barking) and came back, you had to log in again because you had been idle too long.  After the whole day I’m no closer to finding the new information I want – BTW, it has nothing to do with JRock, manga, anime, FF or Square Enix – it’s actually real work that I’m being paid to do. 

I’m house-sitting for a friend this weekend in Claremont.  I was planning on taking my PS with me (as her TV works) but I have to be a home during the day for a delivery which was supposed to be delivered two weeks ago but it’s been a case of ‘oh, sorry, definately Monday …  erm, I mean Friday …  actually no, no this Monday  …  definately this Friday’ so I shall see on Friday.

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July 3, 2007 at 10:43 (Uncategorized)

I moved bookshelves yesterday – a big one and a little one. Luckily it was the little one that fell over. Nothing serious – caught ceramic box and plant lost some soil. Hauling books around the house was okay till this morning; my back is aching. I must be in negatives when it comes to fitness levels. Definitely single digits when it comes to strength.

I got KHII for my birthday and my TV decided to die. First there was occasionally sound then none at all, now there’s nothing. It’s a really old TV so it was going to give out eventually but it could have lasted at least another month so I could start KH. I also happened to loan ICO as well.

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