Choc Box

June 21, 2007 at 15:16 (Uncategorized)

I was doing a word search yesterday and the title was Choc Box and all the words were chocolate related like caramel, milk, coffee, cream… but when I looked at the letter box the first word that jumped out was WARTS.

Part of STRAWBERRY backwards.

I thought I was really cunning today doing all my shopping in one go – I’m having a dinner at my place tonight that’s all Asian themed so I went to Mainland China and bought some things like teacups and a teapot, then I went to the shop and bought banking goods for my sister’s baby shower on Saturday so my pack is really full and heavy… and then I remembered I was walking to Kloof Street this afternoon.  So I was not so cunning.   I saw Aki-chan in a shop on the way up but she declined to take anything from me.

Fiction note:  Day Four needs to be proof-read then posted.  Starting to work on Hagaren and Bleach crossover.  I have a very simple plot for my FF crossover – yay – I’m going to try and expand on it.


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