June 30, 2007 at 14:59 (Uncategorized)

I was looking on youtube for a video for the SKIN debut and found a really crap version.  So apart from all the fan screaming and flashing lights I couldn’t hear much of what was being played so I’m going to reserve judgment. 


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June 29, 2007 at 14:27 (Uncategorized)

One of my favourite sweets as a kid was Wilson toffees.  I’ve haven’t been able to find them outside a street corner cafe, expect for today.  I found a packet of the at Pick n Pay. 

I’ve been taking fewerfew for a couple of weeks now for migraines – it doesn’t (I discovered last night) prevent migraines but what it does do is make it go away quicker and it’s not so debilitating.

Fiction note:  Day Four posted.

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June 26, 2007 at 09:33 (Uncategorized)

I came across a great statistic this morning –

Studies show that 3 out of every 4 people make up 75% of the population.

I’ve been having some problems with Skype lately – no one can hear me.  It just suddenly started so not knowing what I’m doing I randomly started checking boxes and change volumes on things and I got it to work – sort of.  I can hear myself.  It’s not as problematic as I thought it would be; only when I laugh and air rushes across the mike but I actually managed to have a Japanese lesson on Monday – YAY.  And it went well – YAY.  But then I have been putting in a lot more effort than I did last year.  I worked out that by October, I would have been doing Japanese for three years.

Great news – I am done with the dungeon 🙂

Fiction note:  Day Four posted by the end of the week.  OF going well – actually happy with prologue and intro for chapter one.  Expansion for FF crossover plot but still rather limp.  I’ve got to type out all that I’ve written for the Bleach/Hagaren (The Gate) crossover.  Toying with the idea of sending Love Letter to a magazine.

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Choc Box

June 21, 2007 at 15:16 (Uncategorized)

I was doing a word search yesterday and the title was Choc Box and all the words were chocolate related like caramel, milk, coffee, cream… but when I looked at the letter box the first word that jumped out was WARTS.

Part of STRAWBERRY backwards.

I thought I was really cunning today doing all my shopping in one go – I’m having a dinner at my place tonight that’s all Asian themed so I went to Mainland China and bought some things like teacups and a teapot, then I went to the shop and bought banking goods for my sister’s baby shower on Saturday so my pack is really full and heavy… and then I remembered I was walking to Kloof Street this afternoon.  So I was not so cunning.   I saw Aki-chan in a shop on the way up but she declined to take anything from me.

Fiction note:  Day Four needs to be proof-read then posted.  Starting to work on Hagaren and Bleach crossover.  I have a very simple plot for my FF crossover – yay – I’m going to try and expand on it.

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June 13, 2007 at 20:50 (Uncategorized)

Gackt, Miyavi, Sugizo and Yoshiki – Skin.  They debut on the 29 June; I wonder what it will sound like… the most influential Japanese rock artists in one band. 

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June 9, 2007 at 14:31 (Uncategorized)

Back from my holiday.  It was cool but with loads of driving, Aki-chan must never want to be near the car again (she did all the driving).  We fed elephants, went to Nature’s Valley, Knysna and bought lunch in Plettenberg Bay.  I liked the caves the best.  Aki-chan and I are toying with the idea of going to Nature’s Valley for a week or so next year – could really get addicted to holidays. 

 Sometime last week I saw a preview for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie – it was 3D and looked like the TV series.  A friend and I would get up early on Saturday morning and watch it on MNet when I was still at school.  It looked kinda cool.  I also saw a preview for Transformer, which I do not enjoy watching as a kid but the effects looked really awesome and I want to see it.

I finally managed to see 28 Days Later while on holiday – I really enjoyed it and now want to see the sequel.  I also saw Silent Hill, I’ve not played the game at all but one magazine said it SH3 was the scariest game out there.

I’ve only got a couple of weeks left in the dungeon – YAY!

Fiction note:  Owning to holiday no writing was done – gomen. 

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June 5, 2007 at 18:21 (Uncategorized)

So far the holiday has been really cool – we went to the Cango Caves today; so awesome. When I was at school it was the place to go on holiday but we never went and I’m sort of glad because I think I enjoyed it more now than I would have as a kid. I happened to take some really nice pictures, Aki-chan and I were saying how the one cave looked so Final Fantasy. Very beautiful.

One of the later caves was something about good and evil; there was a devil on the one side and on the other the bible with a cross and a lost angel wing or something like that but all I though of was Sephiroth – I know I’m sad that way. Aki-chan laughed so I don’t feel bad.

Now off to eat supper somewhere…

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