May 21, 2007 at 17:40 (Uncategorized)

I do actually try to control my coke intake.  Apart from being bad for you, it contains caffeine which keeps me going even if I’m tired.   While this is great for working at the dungeon, it’s not so good for going to sleep at night so I’ve decided to not drink coke after 16h00; unfortunately I only got the coke after 16h00 today so I’ll drink only one glass (or at least try). 

Japanese today was a bit slow because Sensei couldn’t hear me very well so I would answer him and while he tried to figure out what I said – I worried that I had said it wrong.  But over all it wasn’t a bad lesson considering the five week break while Sensei went to Japan. 

The only problem I have with reading Shonen manga is that occasionally pages are just filled with long drawn out fights.   Bleach is currently going through a series of fights, they are cool sometimes but really long and I get impatient for the story to continue.  Naruto currently is really cool though, Kishimoto is bringing all the other ninja back into the story -yay!

 Good news – my gyser has been fixed and it’s a solar power one which is cool.  Though the hot water smells really funny (like hot resin) but that should fade (I hope).

Fiction note:  I’m about a third of the way through Day Four rewrite; it’s going okay.  I did write a scene for the FFX, VII and VIII crossover but there is still no story (heh).  I’ve playing with a Bleach/FMA cross over (mangaverse) but not actually putting any effort into it yet as I want to complete Day Four first.  


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