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May 5, 2007 at 15:14 (Uncategorized)

After I realised that I had lost Day Four, I wanted to cry for a long time but I went to work instead and bought two Hagaren manga.  I can’t remember a lot of what I wrote so I’m going to write something else entirely but still finishing it like it was before – it just needed to be edited but such as it is. 


I’ve got two dresses to make by Tuesday, they are really simple so it’s no problem and the one is really pretty.  I’ve been given the pattern so I’m going to make them to sell; it’s a really good plus size dress – pretty and flattering.  I’ve been asked to make two cool jackets but can not find suitable material, I’ve even looked in the sections that have super expensive material but nothing and I’m running out of shops to go to.


I’m having a bit of trouble staying with the sewing in the evenings, I want to play my piano instead but I’ve been very good and limited myself to 20 minutes a day so far.  I’m really pleased as I remember four pieces rather well, they are simple by they sound like songs.  Another cool thing – I was watching a programme (English not Japanese) the other day and there were some Japanese people talking to each other and I understood about 20% of what they were saying – I think it’s pretty awesome.  Plus, I got my results for my first assignment – 69%.


I’m quite brilliant this week, however, I think my INT bar might be going down really fast but the health bar is pretty stable.  Sometimes if you still quietly in a corner, your status bar slowly goes up but now that I think about, I’ve been drinking stuff to make me feel better such as an energy tonic (so so) and soy milk (yuk) – few seconds of distaste for a day of well being … touka kouka


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