SE 07

March 24, 2007 at 21:01 (Uncategorized)

Squire Enix have announced the titles that are going to be at their party this year; 12 May.  There are loads of FF titles plus a mystery title.  The first story, in February, was that a new title will be released, not announced, this year (this means they have been working on it in secret) and everyone, myself included, automatically assumed it to be a remake of FFVII, which I still believe is true and am waiting for.  However, according to FFInsider Haeresis XIII (PS3? XBox? PC?) seems to be happening but the source is unreliable though the title has been trademarked.  So while Haeresis may be the new title at SE 07, it will be an announcement and not a release (as XIII is far from complete) so it’s not the big news of the year that everyone has to wait for.   

Going by the polls, XII is so popular would people notice a remake of VII?

 …there are some people outside with touches and pitchforks, wonder what they want?


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