March 15, 2007 at 09:42 (Uncategorized)

I’m at home today – I should be at work, however, there are now three people for a two position shop so when neither of the other two can work then I’ll work.  Most likely to be Sundays and I’m not sure when else.  The company is too ‘White’ and I’m a dispensable casual.  Now I have to look for a job.  I didn’t like the dungeon anyway and complained about it too much.

Very down at the moment.



  1. stv said,

    sorry to hear that, tegs.

    i know you hated the dungeon, but money *is* nice.
    at least you can have a special warm glow inside knowing that it’s all going to go to shit when you’re not there…

    and doesn’t this mean more ff12 time?
    in between looking for work, obv.

  2. nantalith said,

    Are you perhaps hinting that we should hurry up and play and sent it your way? 🙂

    I’m actually going to get some sewing done and up to Nylon (a shop that sells other people’s clothes).

  3. stv said,

    As in the Nylon that’s over the road from my shop?

  4. evo.llusion said,

    Meh, don’t let it get you down. It’s their loss….

  5. nantalith said,

    stv: Is that also Nylon across the road – I went to the one in Long Street next to Milk and Misfit.

  6. stv said,

    Maybe Nylon’s like Misfit – slowly popping more shops around in town…

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