Baked goods

March 12, 2007 at 17:55 (Uncategorized)

What a day – I have done so much stuff.  I have no idea where the energy came from but it was put to good use – baking.  Cake, muffins and pudding.  A real treat for those who eat my stuff is the cake is fully iced; not my usual attempt or none at all but along the sides and everything.

My Japanese lesson went really well and lots got done.  I also found out that Sensei knows of my mother’s boss through the RCYC.  Speaking of my mother – it’s her birthday on Thursday so I’m going shopping tomorrow.  I’m not going to say what yet just in case (who knows why) she reads this and there’ll be no suprise.   But I do have to go into CT so I think I’ll catch the train with her in the morning.  I’ve come across two methods of catching the train so that no one bothers me 1) travel with someone  and  2) wear shades in the carriage.

Fiction note:  Know how to end Day Four – will start typing it soon.


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