SE 07

March 24, 2007 at 21:01 (Uncategorized)

Squire Enix have announced the titles that are going to be at their party this year; 12 May.  There are loads of FF titles plus a mystery title.  The first story, in February, was that a new title will be released, not announced, this year (this means they have been working on it in secret) and everyone, myself included, automatically assumed it to be a remake of FFVII, which I still believe is true and am waiting for.  However, according to FFInsider Haeresis XIII (PS3? XBox? PC?) seems to be happening but the source is unreliable though the title has been trademarked.  So while Haeresis may be the new title at SE 07, it will be an announcement and not a release (as XIII is far from complete) so it’s not the big news of the year that everyone has to wait for.   

Going by the polls, XII is so popular would people notice a remake of VII?

 …there are some people outside with touches and pitchforks, wonder what they want?


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Break in

March 21, 2007 at 09:45 (Uncategorized)

Some one broke into my sister’s car yesterday morning.  They emptied the glove compartment and the boot onto the front seat and left taking nothing.  The passenger door is damaged but all the windows are not broken. 

Fiction note:  Got quite a lot done on Monday – high possibility of getting more done tomorrow.  Working on a Bleach/Hagaren crossover idea – FF crossover is striving for life but falling short; I just have no plot for it. 

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Oh dear

March 20, 2007 at 20:09 (Uncategorized)

I came across someone I used to work with while shopping –

NT: Hello.

X:  Hello, how are you?

NT:  I’m oka-

X: Are you married yet?

NT:  Huh? No.

X: Oh.

and then she wondered off. 

It seems unmarried woman are just not worth talking to.

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March 19, 2007 at 10:29 (Uncategorized)

The thing about sewing it that I am not fond of cutting out patterns – both paper and material.  So while I’ve had the material for various things, nothing was being made.  Yesterday, being at home and not entirely sure how to have an off Sunday, I tackled my sewing pile and cut out patterns for just about everything.  Byakuya and Edo (cosplay) are cut out as well as a skirt for my mother, a Chinese dress and a waistcoat for me; which is made from a cloak that I wanted to turn into a coat but there wasn’t enough material so I made a waistcoat and will cut out some kind of corset from the rest.  I also need to get some navy material for a State Alchemist uniform.

I’ve applied for a job at a bookshop.  This mean I may have to give up on both the CT shop and the Chinese shop – both of which I’m loath to leave but my choices are limited.  In addition, I may have to pause my Japanese as I won’t be able to take off Mondays or try to get the much in demand 18h00 slot – there are four and more than four students who want it.

I have no idea what Sasuke is up to in Naruto – well, I know his altimate goal but his current actions I’m not sure.  Hagaren was fantastic as always and another situation for Edo.

Fiction note:  working on it…

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New er, news…

March 17, 2007 at 11:08 (Uncategorized)

Okay – so I have a position till the end of March.  Mainly because X is going on leave and the German is filling in at her branch but after that things aren’t looking good.  While I’m not being fired, I’m not exactly working as usual either (half day here and there is not covering my living).  So job hunting it is – I may have to put Japanese on hold if I get a permanent position.   In addition, I’m not working tomorrow and I wasn’t supposed to work yesterday, no one told me, but the German said seeing as I was there I might as well work.  The more I study in Com Science the more irritated I get with lack of communication. 

None of my weekly manga is out yet and I’m still waiting on a sub for Hagaren. 

I’m finishing up the sewing class today and then heading off to Sensei’s get together in Milnerton (I think) later this afternoon.

Fiction note:  Too pissed off to write

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March 15, 2007 at 09:42 (Uncategorized)

I’m at home today – I should be at work, however, there are now three people for a two position shop so when neither of the other two can work then I’ll work.  Most likely to be Sundays and I’m not sure when else.  The company is too ‘White’ and I’m a dispensable casual.  Now I have to look for a job.  I didn’t like the dungeon anyway and complained about it too much.

Very down at the moment.

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Baked goods

March 12, 2007 at 17:55 (Uncategorized)

What a day – I have done so much stuff.  I have no idea where the energy came from but it was put to good use – baking.  Cake, muffins and pudding.  A real treat for those who eat my stuff is the cake is fully iced; not my usual attempt or none at all but along the sides and everything.

My Japanese lesson went really well and lots got done.  I also found out that Sensei knows of my mother’s boss through the RCYC.  Speaking of my mother – it’s her birthday on Thursday so I’m going shopping tomorrow.  I’m not going to say what yet just in case (who knows why) she reads this and there’ll be no suprise.   But I do have to go into CT so I think I’ll catch the train with her in the morning.  I’ve come across two methods of catching the train so that no one bothers me 1) travel with someone  and  2) wear shades in the carriage.

Fiction note:  Know how to end Day Four – will start typing it soon.

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March 10, 2007 at 19:33 (Uncategorized)

Well, I think the lesson went alright apart from making the back of the one dress to small but that’s easy to fix.  I’ve never made a pattern in front of someone so I may (obvious) have made a mistake.  Next Saturday they should finish up and have new garb. 

A bit tired at the moment – teaching is exhausting and I have work tomorrow. 

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March 9, 2007 at 21:11 (Uncategorized)

The last Friday I worked and today I’ve left the house a hour earlier than need be.  Only when I got home tonight and studied the kitchen clock (which is new) to find out why, did I notice that the 10’s zero is only shaded on the one side so from afar it looks like an eleven – how this makes me miss read 11h45 and 12h45 I’m not sure but it may have to do with the fact that once I know the hour I seldom look at the hour hand when getting ready for work.  I give myself a hour and when that hour is reached I just look at the minute hand.  Perhaps I should look at digital (PC) more often. 

I have my sewing class tomorrow – there are only two students so it’s not so bad.  I’ve never really taught anything before so I’m not sure how it will go.   Oh, I’ve become slightly obsessed with XII OST – particularly three scores but they are awesome.  While there are many aspects of XII that I like and I’m enjoying playing it – I still prefer X.  XII battle system is better, OSTs are both good but X’s story is WAY better and I love the ending.  FFinsider has some nice scans of VII CC, if the PSP were cheaper (games included) I may buy one. 

There is a concert at the River Club – Micheal learns to rock – and the road are completely parked up including my road.  While I was bringing in the washing I was subjected to the audience singing ‘paint my love’.  I was quite speedy in bring the washing in – sound ninja could drop a hidden village with that stuff.

I’m still waiting for this weeks Naruto; maybe tomorrow.  Hagaren next week!

Fiction note:  Done nothing with Day Four – there may be six lines written somewhere.  Pure laziness.

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March 7, 2007 at 18:35 (Uncategorized)

I found out on Monday night that the German is not coming back to the dungeon – the illiterate temp is now the new manager.  Help!  Considering that two of my three jobs are cool, I shouldn’t really complain but I do.  

I am so enjoying the battle system for XII – Aki-chan and I are going about the game in two ways.  She is progressing along the story while I am doing some stuff before that (no spoilers).  This means there is more replay value than Squinix games usually have.   This does mean the bossman may have to wait a little before it’s handed over – gomen.

Doing the notes for my sewing class on Saturday; I’m trying to give enough information without over loading the students but still teaching them how to sew.   Speaking of lessons, I have my first Japanese internet lesson on Monday.  Aki-chan no longer does Japanese so I have no way of getting there but Sensei has internet lesson which I’m going to try out.  Unisa studies are going well also. 

Fiction note:  Due some idea changes I’ve had to rethink the ending so I have no idea when it will be done

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