Final Fantasy XII

February 26, 2007 at 13:54 (Uncategorized)

L&L got FFXII this weekend and it was purchased this morning.  It is a lot like FFTA but with better graphics; I am not really fond FFTA at all and FFXII has not got off to a good start with my first mark (mission) being a Rogue Tomato.  Which has killed me.   The story is not as linear as I like but at the moment I’m pissed off at being killed by a tomato. 

What is nice is being able to choose whether to encounter enemies or not (totally managed to avoid a T-Rex on a level one mission).  The attack mode is different and I’m battling a bit – I panic too quickly, can’t remember what is in what slot and it ends up a mess with me dead.  No one has told me how to block yet but they have told me how to flee – which I have used (not with the T-Rex that was cunning stealth).

Fiction note:  I forgot to add messing around and not letting me upload Day Three – will try again tonight, if not tomorrow morning.


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