Fiction Frustration

February 12, 2007 at 19:39 (Uncategorized)

There was a hiccup in the power today in CT at about 10H30/11H00.  I was busy sorting some stuff when the lights dimmed and the computer made a popping noise then silence.  And silence for the rest of the day because I couldn’t get the machina back on.

Valantine’s Day – a day I dislike more than any other.  I’m not talking about the retail side or the fact that it is a courting ritual but the use of it by some people – I worked with a young lady who’s partner would smack her around sometimes BUT it was okay because he took her to dinner on Vday.  You can treat your partner like shit all year and repent on Vday.

Fiction note:  The dungeon has taken away my computer access (apparently MSWord uses bandwidth), this means I study Japanese/Communication Science more but write way less owing to lack of machina.  This also means I have no music to listen to and have to hear the noise from a coffee shop that involves shouting, bell ringing, loud Afro/Euro beat music and what sounds like an alarm clock (I think it’s the timer on the oven).  And today well, nothing happened as machina let me down.  So… that’s the way it is – home writing that is a lot slower.



  1. jess said,

    now, more than ever it’s better to be female… we can vote, own property, have jobs….

    and some *still* choose to live under tyrants.

    *le sigh*

    Vday is a bit of a scam. Especially considering the history behind the day. Murder, bloodshed, I love you honey 😛

  2. evo.llusion said,

    Yay like minded people. I heard someone say on the radio today that it would be nicer to get flowers on say the 10th of June or the 9th of August. Why just because, not because a day told you to…

    Tyrants should know better and throw themselves into boiling hot acid.

  3. nantalith said,

    Jess: She has a seven year old son and is nearly thirty – so she believes he is the only option available to her. She can not see out of that thinking.

    Evo: There is only one day I believe that should not be forgotten for any reason and that is your partner’s birthday – I don’t have time for anniversaries and stuff like that; just don’t forget my birthday. Birthdays are your day.

  4. jess said,

    ja, I know the belief that there is only one option, and there often is. Parents should put their lives at risk for children.

    if only the world were perfect. 😛

    about special days… I agree. Anniversaries always feel a bit awkward, so does Vday. Expectations often ruin the spontenaity of just a ‘fun day out’. you know?

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