Oops ! ! !

January 30, 2007 at 16:31 (Uncategorized)

Tsukikoneko had a gig last night which I completely forgot about, I only remembered at lunchtime.  And I had spoken to her on Saturday.  In my defence I was sewing bridal dresses (no longer corsets) so now there is only one to make but I don’t have the necessary measurements but I’ll hopefully get them this Saturday and then I can finish my shinigami outfit and pattern for my site.  I can then move onto my other projects (mostly Cosplay).
I almost had a complete fit yesterday when the dog (baka inu) stole my lunch.  I had taken one bite and it was tasty; my substitute lunch was okay.   Next week I should be able to pick up my text book and set about studying.  I’ve been doing random bits and pieces but not what I actually am wanting to do.  I’m also toying with the idea of holding a sewing class (SCA) but will have to see how things are looking next month (hmm, Thursday).

Fiction note:  Busy doing final editing on Day Three.  If nothing comes up it should be done by mid Feb (this will depend on Aki-chan’s work load as she is my outside proof-reader).  I reworked my cross over intro – much better but I still don’t have a plot.  The Fight for Spira started like that, it was meant to be a cross over but the sub plot become the main plot and I dumped Squall (gomenasai, Sukouru) and it became what it is.


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