Fussy fussy

January 26, 2007 at 14:59 (Uncategorized)

I think possibly I may be too fussy when I eat.  Tomatoes – are great with some things such as burger.  However, I don’t like chicken burgers to have tomato as I think it’s gross.  I don’t like tomato and chicken.  I bought a chicken sandwich for lunch and it had tomato on it so I pulled it off but then the smoked chicken and spicy mayonnaise didn’t go so well together.  It was a dud lunch.   And I’m still hungry (I didn’t finish the dud lunch) so I have to buy something else to eat. 

Happy news – RD found book four of a series I am collecting.  It was out of print but they found one – YATTA!  I’m on book eight (of twelve) so soon I shall have a complete set.      !#Happiness#!

Fiction note:  working typing editing…



  1. stv said,

    Given that you only eat the sweet & sour and rice (much of the rice) when me and Jo feed you, I would say that perhaps you are a fussy eater. Or perhaps just choosy.
    Plus side: you eat the stuff you really like all the time…

    Btw, where do the toms in the S&S stand in the Nantalith Tomato Appropriateness Rating System™?

    Marks out of five, please.
    one out of five being “WTF? tomatoes in there? why, god, why?!11!!eleven”
    five out of five being “this is a tomato’s happy place. if i was a tomato and i was going to die, i’d want to know i’d be going here.”
    you get the idea.

  2. nantalith said,

    Ha ha – my sneakyness was never detected! I’ve yet to eat a tomato in the S & S. I don’t put them on my plate 😉

    I like to eat stuff that I like.

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