January 25, 2007 at 09:35 (Uncategorized)

I find the screen at work to be quiet amazing – in its dust collecting capabilities.  Every Thursday I start the day by wiping a thick layer of dust off the screen.  The screen at home doesn’t do this nor does the screen at work in CT.  Is it because it’s in the dungeon?  It’s rather odd but moving on…

I’ve decided to stop reading fiction for a while (not stop reading).  Mainly because I realised that I’m not really reading the words on the page; I’m automatically putting the words into pictures without reading them.  So by not reading fiction I’ll have to concentrate on the words to understand what I’m reading.  All this is to improve my comprehension.  I’ve also discovered a fantastic use for old Xday cards – bookmarks; with the added bonus of being able to write done words I’m not 100% sure about and then look them up later.  Most of them, such as parochial, I can figure out from the text around them but I couldn’t tell some one what it means exactly. 

*FF Alert* – it seems like Square are going for ‘cool’ with FFXIII Versus.  Personally I think that is quiet cool.  FFXIII will be coming out long before Versus (from what the article implied) and will be sticking to regular RPG format with Versus being more along the lines of KH.  I’m really quiet excited about these games. 

Fiction note:  Access to my work – yay.  We’ll see what gets done today.


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