January 19, 2007 at 14:11 (Uncategorized)

I found this through a friend’s blog

All I can say is that no wonder shit happens to these kids – they dress them like prostitutes.   Parents in such cases should be charged with aiding child abuse – it pisses me off and angers me more than anything else.   You are supposed to look after your children and care for them, teach them and protect them.  I read this morning about MySpace being sued – can’t parents teach their children (who they claim to love) not to met or go ANYWHERE with strangers.   Yeah, children are hard work – DEAL!  Take responsability. 

The world is not as it was – grow up and look after those you gave life to.



  1. Aki said,

    Ihk, poor little children. o_o

  2. moonflake said,

    agreed. there should be some sort of test before being allowed to procreate. Just because you have a womb doesn’t mean you can handle the consequences of using it. Much like just because you can own a car, doesn’t mean you can drive it.

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