January 12, 2007 at 16:01 (Uncategorized)

20 years of Square.  At the end of the year there is to be some big announcement by Square celebrating it’s 20 year anniversary.   According to Insider.  No one seems to know what it is but it is still a ‘full’ year away – December.  Letting news like this out so early create hype (which business do like) but it also creates disappointment as you have the entire year to imagine something truly awesome that could possibly never actually be created.  Imagination is so much bigger than people believe.  I once saw a clip that I wanted but didn’t and it became so much prettier in my mind so that when I went to buy it I was disappointed and I didn’t end up getting it or anything else.   

A guy was in to talk to me about sales and promoting the goods for sale in the dungeon.   He said the same thing they all say – I’ve heard so many variations of the same speech.  The bottom line is quiet simple – if people don’t physically enter the store I can’t sell them the product.  It can be really cheap or good quality but it doesn’t matter if hours go by and no one comes in.  I’ve been here since two and apart from the guy and a friend of mine, one other person has come into the store to look at cushions. 

On the plus side I only spent 15 minutes in ABSA – the shortest time yet.  The record is 45 minutes (I’m talking about standing in the queue) so seeing as I had some spare time I went up to L&L to see if they have KH II – they don’t even after saying they were going to get it.  But I did end up buying Constantine on sale.   Most of the sale stuff was really old – Sound of Music and stuff like that and then the rest was stuff like Shrek 2 and PotC. 

I’ve been reading Fruits Basket (every one seems to like it) and while it’s not terrible there is better manga out there.  I don’t think I would ever buy unless it was really cheap.  Another is Inuyasha – I don’t think I finished the first book; such a limp story.  I can not see how it is still so popular.  I think I may be too specific about what I read but too bad – I want a good story.  I want a good story in my games as well. 

Fiction note: still the same.  Delays. 


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