January 8, 2007 at 17:21 (Uncategorized)

I’ve finally managed to get rid of the migraine that developed on Saturday – wasn’t as bad as past ones but it took ages to disappear.  I’m not sure which is better – short and painful or long and manageable. 

I was reading though the suggested dictionaries list for my degree and I have 3 of the 4 suggestions.  I though it was pretty cool, plus I managed to get a super big dictionary I’ve been after for a while now.  It’s about R500/R550 at EB but I found it for R300 so I was really pleased.  I was going to get it later but I remembered that people will be registering and someone might buy it so I made a special trip into R/bosch to get it.  Good thing because it was the second last one there. 

I’ve finally managed to get all the Bleach onto DVD.  There is not much left to move but it is still there so…  Other than that I’ve been doing nothing (due to migraine), I see this as a waste of time – I have a few things that need to be done and they don’t involve playing X (which I don’t do with the migraine).  But now that work has fallen into a pattern again I can organise my time properly.   I wanted to do some sewing today but I don’t have any paper to copy a pattern so I have to work on something else.  Currently I am working on some cosplay outfits (Bleach (Shinigami) and Haragen (Edo)) and my sister’s wedding outfit (plus bride’s maids) plus finishing Maartin’s hakama.  I’ve never struggled with a pattern like I have with these.  Now that I have the basic idea I’m going to put them together my way.  Oh, yeah, I’m also altering a old jacket to wear to a birthday party; it’s a square birthday party so naturally I’m interpreting it as Square Enix 😛

Fiction note:  Nothing has happened with any fiction  – I’ve had to do (doing) some major editing (scene moving) with Day Three and Day Four so they have been delayed by quite a while.  Gomen.


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