January 5, 2007 at 14:30 (Uncategorized)

I’m going on things as they happened after 00:00.  Some may have happened hours or days after.  Or happened today.

Thing you saw?: Fireworks – pretty.

Word you said?: “Kireina!”

Thing you heard?: Laughter and merriment.

Person you looked at?: The person next to me.  It may have been Mike (left) or someone else (right).  I remember seeing Synkronos just after middnight.

Song you heard?: Bleach OST when I got home.

TV show you watched?: TV ka?

Movie you watched?: Nothing yet – does anime count?

Book you read?:
Fiction online – can’t remember what, possible Bleach or FF.

Person you kissed?: Synkronos and Evo

Person you hugged?: Er… lots of people.

Thing you wrote?: Day three or application forms.

Outfit you wore?: Cords, boots, shirt, waistcoat and my Kiba jacket.

Comment you left?: Erm, nothing that I know of.

Person who commented you?: What?

Survey you took?: Haven’t done any this year – yet.

Website you went to?: FFInsider.net

Word you typed?:
Too many.

Person you called?: J.

Person you texted?: My sister

Person to call you?: Amy.

Person to text you?: A.

Thing you ate?: Tea and cereal with chocolate soya milk.  Everyday breakfast.

Best friend?:Tsukikoneko

Boyfriend/girlfriend?: No interested.

Picture you took?: Evo, J and W.

Thing you laughed at?: Bleach anime.

Person who laughed at you?: Possibly many people but I may have been laughing as well.

Time you cried?: Thinking of the end of FFX – it gets me everytime.


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