December 29, 2006 at 16:19 (Uncategorized)

I ended up posting Day Two with no outside proof-reading (proof-reading other than my own).  I’ve come up with a rather cool short story idea that I’m thinking of writing this afternoon.  It’ fantasyish/ old world like.

I finally managed to find a hard cover for my GBA, only been looking for six months.  It is, I think, originally suposed to be a jewellery/make up thing.  It has a mirror in it but it’s not big enough to be a glasses case so I don’t know what it was meant for but it now has a cool use.   Was playing X last night – it’s nice but I won’t go into that.  Again.

I’m baking a chocolate cake tomorrow and I might make some muffins.  I’ll need to buy more chocolate chips then hmmm….. I don’t know.  I might make brownies for New Year.  Undecided.  I wonder, should I make a round or square cake?

Square makes cool games 😛 


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