Let’s try this again.

December 21, 2006 at 09:29 (Uncategorized)

I feel my previous post leaves little to the imagination.  I had had a very busy day at the Chinese shop and then had to continue till nine in the dungeon.   On the plus side, the Chinese shop made a lot of money.   Full of peanuts and orange juice I feel I can tackle the morning.  More importantly, tackle Day Three.  And I must get on Aki-chan’s case to proof read Day Two.

 Insider has a cool scan for FFVII CC.  It looks awesome; every time something is shown about this game I reconsider my views of the PSP.  But I tend to fall back to them.  What I will be getting without any consideration is the PS3; it’s about time I upgraded.  It will be a new experiance because I started with the PS2 and FFX about 5/6 years ago, having not really played anything game related before; there were a couple of afternoon where I had played Circus Charlie and, I think, Street Fighter at a friend’s house.  Working it out, I think I was 11 or12 – something like that.  This is why I battle with FFVII (a lot) and FFVIII (a bit) – graphics are not so happy and X is awesome.  Best game yet!  I see FFX-2 as AU because X is finished. 


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