December 11, 2006 at 15:21 (Uncategorized)

I found this really great dictionary – Japanese Business Management Dictionary.  It only has business terms in it such as ‘net present value’ – shoomi genka; I’m not even sure what NPV means in English but it’s cool (the dictionary).  I was counting how many dictionaries I have the other day, I was surprised – more than five for English and over ten if I include the foreign language.  I can’t resist a cool dictionary. 

I bought some candy coated peanuts and they are a real jaw workout; I couldn’t eat any last night because trying to eat them was too painful for my tender head.  I have wondered – if you put your brain in an artificial body (say Automail) could you still suffer migraines?

I’ve cut out the kimono top for the shinigami outfit; I call it the shinigami outfit because the shinigami wear it in Bleach but it is a standard samurai top and pants.  I should finish it today, well, the top at least.  Laziness will determined the progress on the hakama. 

Finding a place to wear my GL outfit is proving tough – it looks like possibly Icon next year… unless some one has a fancy dress party before then.  The theme would have to be something like different, unusual or … porcalain dolls.  Or vaguely anime/game themed.


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