December 4, 2006 at 16:44 (Uncategorized)

Shopping – a past time I do not enjoy.  Today, however, I had a very successful shopping trip.  I bought a doormat and pots.  Plus baking tins; silicone ones.

For the past 6 years there has been one pot and two pans in the kitchen.  There was also a dutch oven but that was it really.  Today there are 3 pans, 5 pots and a saucepan.  And baking tins.   This does mean that dishes will pile up a lot quicker than before but there will be no juggling act when it comes to using pots for cooking.  I’m  not sure why I’m particularly fazed as I don’t do the cooking. 

I’m attempting to write a Japanese poem.  I’ve written it in English and am busy translating it, I’m about halfway.  It’s very simple but quite cool – it’s called Tsuki (moon).  It will  be posted at fictionpress.com some time, hopefully soon.


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