November 21, 2006 at 11:51 (Uncategorized)

I have about 4 hours in which to finish my Japanese homework.  This is usually more than enough time, I mean 1 sentence to translate and a page to read is not going to take an hour let alone four.  However, I’ve got myself involved with a novelization.  I attempted one months ago (FFVII AC) but I didn’t find it particularly enjoyable so I removed it.  I’m not sure what spurred this second attempt but I felt like I should try it again.  I think AC was too long for a first attempt, especially since I enjoy character manipulation.  In a novelization I can’t do that, I have to stick to the existing plot.  This time round I’ve gone for a short 2D animation, FFVII Last Order; it’s only 20 minutes.

I think setting goals for yourself that aren’t all that great is good.  I’m not really keen to write this but I feel I should test my skills.  Make it enjoyable for the reader and not just myself.  If it become a hassle, I’ll drop it but I’ll give a good shot before I do. 

But now that I’ve set my mind to the task, it’s become a little consuming.  As did ‘For those that loved this world’, which I did post not quite as I wanted but I wanted people’s reactions.  I’ll edit it sometime and repost at a later date.  ‘The fight for Spira Day One’ is almost ready for posting but I’m always unsure whether to post if the other chapter aren’t ready or near completion.  I did it with ‘Dark Wings’ and the last chapter seems rushed to me, even though it ends how it should.  ‘Dark Wings’ biggest problem was that I started it 3 years ago and it drifted on 7 chapters till I finished it this year so for me it’s terribly disjointed even though I posted them all at the same time (well, a chapter a week). 

Thinking of Japanese reminds me that I haven’t paid yet… eep!  I wonder if he’ll accept manga.


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