Shadow walker

November 19, 2006 at 14:13 (Uncategorized)

Shadow walking, a rare power not possessed by all vampires.  Seems really cool, a skill I could use.  On the werewolf front, I’m Grey.

You are a Grey Were. You aren’t very active, though you do get out every so often. You prefer to be by yourself, at least most of the time, and love activities you can do without other people. You are sometimes shy and quiet, but that doesn’t stop you from speaking your mind, even if it’s just on the sidelines. You have your friends and those who you look up to, but your greatest hero is yourself.

Greatest hero? Myself?  I think not; seems vain to me.

My favorite kind of quizz – what game/manga character are you most like?  But only good ones that keep you guessing and don’t have obvious questions.  ‘Do you have a Buster Sword and bright blue eyes?’  Er, I think I’m Cloud?  ‘Do you have a scar on your face and wield a Gunblade?’  Squall? 

This one did have me guessing though – what kind of FF Bishounen are you? Cloud, followed by Squall then Vincent and ending with Sephiroth.  Pretty good characters in general.  The question that pushed it to Cloud was ‘have you ever crossed-dressed?’. Someone once said that no matter how cool Cloud is or what he does; he once dressed up and passed himself off as a girl.  One odd question was ‘do you wear lots of make-up?’, I haven’t played all the FF titles but I haven’t come across a lead who wears lots of make-up.

Though the ultimate ‘magical’ effect for me is ice/cold/snow.  My favorite weapon is an Ice Blade, how cool is that?  That’s why I adore Hitsugaya’s shikai and bankai.   And I use Shiva whenever I get the chance.

Quizzes are entertaining and they kill time at work, which is when I do them.


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