Shigoto to inu.

November 16, 2006 at 09:40 (Uncategorized)

I came into work this morning to find a dog’s basket and water bowl behind my desk.  What is it with this place and dogs?  Both shops!  On the topic of dogs, I took my mother’s dog for a walk yesterday – to the bottom of the road and back.  We’re training her to walk on a lead.  Usually she lies down and you end up dragging her along the road. 

Great news – a game!  I’ve missed my Thursday game but mostly my Wednesday game.  Anyway, this one sounds really cool but it is a new system and I have to read about it still (I haven’t even heard of it but that doesn’t mean much coming from me, I don’t know many) so I printed it out (at work – hee hee).

I went to the Spar last night with Aki-chan and as we were about to pull away, this guy (aka The Dick) decided to reverise up the road.  So we wait for The Dick, then as we pass him, The Dick opens his door and we almost take it with us.  I’m nervous in cars so when this occurred I threw my hand in the air in anger and The Dick mistook my hand gesture for a greeting and grinned happily.   I’ve never seen him before but Aki-chan has and she said every time she’s seen him he has some girl, of questionable age and dress sense, on his arm.  He’s an photographer apparently.  

Aki-chan is really pleased at the moment.  Her team are semi-finalist in the VUKA awards, they are hoping to win the 3D animation category (seeing as that’s what they are studying or rather finishing today).

Off to read some online manga…


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