Pain again

November 16, 2006 at 15:39 (Uncategorized)

I currently have the beginnings of a migraine, I haven’t had one in two weeks.  Sure the leather and dye give me a headache every Thursday but with the right eye thing and the nausea I know it’s a migraine.  But I found the reason – a scented paper stick that perfume shops use was under the message book.  Slowly releasing its poison into the air for me to breath over the last six hours.  I’ve put it in the drawer ‘coz the bin doesn’t have a lid.  But it’s there and the pain won’t end for hours and if I’m lucky I won’t have to take any anti-nausea.  They really send me to sleep and I’m doing character creation tonight; time to be awake.  Even if I’m plagued by pain – played like that before (often actually).  

Other news is that I scored very badly in a ‘ghost shopper’ report.  Someone comes in and pretends to be interested in buying something and then writes a report on the sale assistant (me).  The down side of this is that I have no interest in people who pretend to have money or interest in the product and while I am polite and helpful, I don’t instigate conversation or try to push for a sale.  I’ve been doing this for 6 years, I know when someone is serious about buying.  Especially when we’re talking 23 000 bucks for a sofa (and I’m not talking yen).  It was as follows: ‘shows no interest’ damn straight, ‘lack of product knowledge’ disagree, I only don’t know the prices of some things, ‘sent to other branches’ true, they are bigger and have more in store.  A true buyer, spending that kind of money, wants to shop around.  I’ve had customers tell me that most awful things about the furniture but they are true and I can’t disagree.  I don’t verbally agree with them, I go on about how they are made and such things.  Making the customer feel that are right ‘coz they are not going to buy the sofa but they might by some cushions later or at that moment while they are worked up into a frenzy and any suggestion I make is great.

This is not a great shop to work in, the other two are WAY better.  One, they both have great stock.  If I like the stock (and people come into the store) I can sell it.  Two, both are great bosses.  Three, they are not in shopping centres.  Four, the people who come in are nice.  Five, the bosses don’t think I’m out to get them (damage the company in anyway).  Six, I’m not expected to sit like a robot for 9/8 hours.  I do have to clean the other stores but it doesn’ t bother me; I clean my house, I clean the shop.  Chinese lady always leaves the top shelves for me, she says it’s because I’m taller than her but I think it’s because they have the most stuff on them – ha ha.  But she makes great Chinese food so I’ll sweep the carpet every Wednesday.  Touka Kouka, ne.

I sure am prattling on – medication does this to me, I think.  It’s like alcohol (not that I drink much), it loosens my tongue and then pages later people are being to falter and fall away.  It’s Square reading – ha ha.  You have to put in the hours to get to the end but unlike Square there is no hero, no aeons, weapons or magic.  Only me, even after all those hours.

I was hiding from you, I didn’t want to be found…


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