November 14, 2006 at 18:33 (Uncategorized)

Yay! The dress is finished but I really had paid school fees with it.  Swishy skirts cost a lot when they have lace around the edges.  The lace for the skirt cost about three times as much as the dress would have normally cost me.  And all the extra button to sew on; what an afternoon.  It’s taken about nine hours to make this dress, about a hour of actually dress sewing the rest had been pinning, adjusting and sewing all the lace (total 25m).  If I want to make them it’s going to cost about R 700 (a dress) to make!  I could make cheaper versions but they would not look that great.

Anyway, I’ve finished off this day by baking some muffins.  Chocolate.  I don’t like muffins but I like to bake and that was all there was in options so chocolate muffins for other people. 

Square is bringing out FFX and FFX2 platinumat 2 800 yen.  This means I can afford it (I want it in Japanese).  However, what I really want is MoonChild but it’s 8 000 yen!  Insider also has notes on my guy from XIII (it looks like he’s in Versus XIII though) but the point being, his eyes go red when he uses his sword – how cool is that?

Still waiting for Hagaren translation – I need to sort out my kanji (learn them) then I could attempt to translate them myself.  I got the raw on Saturday and there are some really funny scenes.


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