November 12, 2006 at 10:15 (Uncategorized)

There is nothing like good music to put me in a good/happy/stable mood.  Last night J and I went to a Chinese music concert at the Artscape.  It was truly awesome.  The introduction, for me, was the best piece out of the entire concert. 

There was one act that was very impressive: Sichuan Drama Art.  A good dancer can change up to 10 masks in a few minutes but when she come on stage she was wearing a mask and there were no other props.  I thought maybe the masks would be thrown at her and she would catch them.  But no, all she does to change the mask is a quick shake of her head and the mask changes.  Not only different in painting but also different in style and shape.  It was really good, it got the most applause as well. 

I’m at work again today – it’s too strange to work in the same shop four days in a row.  But what makes it terrible is that it’s the dungeon.  It’s not bad when it’s one of the open air shops – no aircon yay!  It’s a love/hate relationship with aircon.  Love: it’s cool in summer.  Hate: recycled air – koff koff.

 Looks like XII is really is only coming out next year.  It gets closer and closer to Christmas and it still doesn’t come out.   However, FFInsider has a new sister sit called Kingdom Hearts 3.  While there are no plans on Square’s side for a fourth game, Disney is dead keen.  I’m undecided while it’s cool, the story is actually finished.  Riku is home.  But the stills from the secret ending look awesome.  The armour and keyblades look like something real and you could imagine actually wielding one.  Very pretty.   

Is any of this for real?  Or not?


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