Horror of horrors

November 10, 2006 at 18:51 (Uncategorized)

I recommended a family member for a position in the shop next to mine. She asked me to tell the manager that she could not take the position. I thought nothing of it until he said she was supposed to work that evening at five. I delivered the message at ten to five. He may have flipped his lid but he did apologise later so it’s not too bad. But still, I felt like a total moron and was very embarrassed. This is the second time I’ve recommended someone and they have not pitched. People can find their own work in the future and leave me out of it. Don’t plead poverty then give up a job. Tsk…

At least Synkronos is going to buy me dinner after work – he’s cool. I sometimes miss that we don’t go out anymore but my deal with relationships is er, complicated. Besides there is a man who has my heart, I just can’t give it to anyone else. Alas, he is unavailable to me.

Would you want this girl by your side?


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