November 10, 2006 at 19:50 (Uncategorized)

I’ve just read an article at M&G online about people being dumped by SMS and how it is a growing phenomenon because it avoids confrontation.   I find SMSs can be rather misleading because you never know what ‘tone of voice’ the person is using.   Are they angry or happy, irritated or indifferent?  However, I can understand the non-confrontation part.   I am way more honest about my myself in this blog than I am with  most people.  The thing is I want to tell people why I do what I do or how my mind works (or lack of) but talking face to face with something is rather scary for me and then to have them ridicule me or shout at me makes it a whole lot worse.  I feel like everyone has this idea about me but they don’t really know me because I haven’t told them.  You start to tell them about yourself and they jump to conclusions of their own and that’s it – you’re in a box.

I end up wondering if people knew the real me would they want me around?  Few do know aspects about me and stay.  I don’t have a vast number of friends and would be devastated if I was to lose any of them.  What twoddle I am writing…  Being shouted at this evening has made me fall again.  It’s going to take me days to climb out.

 Listening to the end track for X is not helping.  Are there men out there who would sacrifice themselves for their loved ones? But not on the spur of the moment; knowing that you will die in the end but making the journey any way.  Being by her (his) side? 

To the very end?


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