The Sandwich

November 9, 2006 at 09:16 (Uncategorized)

An ode to the Sandwich…

A meal on the run…

Can be simple and clean…

Or alive and grungy… ( not that I would eat a sandwich with that description)

The point being, I really enjoy a simple sandwich.  And it’s a good thing because the past few meal, as life will have it, were sandwiches and my lunch shall be a sandwich.   

Totally unrelated – I saw a body on Monday night.  It’s actually the second time I’ve seen a dead person.  The first time I didn’t know he were dead, I thought he was sleeping.  I couldn’t see the second one’s face (thank goodness) because he/she was under one of those white sheets but they were wearing a red top.  The arm was sticking out a bit.  I was in a car and we passed them (police and body).  I’m always amazed at how much detail you can pick up in a second.  Unless it really counts, then you can’t remember anything.  Run through this maze and we’ll give you a cool Ice Sword but instead you forget the layout, get lost and die.  Despite all this I still love RPGs. 

And on to my favorite topic – FF.  FFXII is doing soooo well.  I can’t wait to play it; I’ve purposely not read anything about story or plot so it will be a total surprise.  Unlike KH COM or KH2, but there I couldn’t leave Riku on the wrong side of the gate.  It gutted me.  Insider has pictures of XIII, the lead so cute.  Square have gone back to the dark characters like Squall and Cloud not so happy like Tidus – Yatta! 

But I need a PS3 but first I need it to come out.


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