November 5, 2006 at 10:22 (Uncategorized)

I don’t recall much of Saturday.  I spend a total of 5 hours awake and of those hours about 45 minutes out of bed.  On the plus side I actually managed to eat supper last night and breakfast this morning before heading off to work.  I’m always amazed how once you’re over whatever illness that causes you not to eat, you fall back into you’re normal eating pattern.  I mean, I didn’t eat for three days and last night I was hungry but not staved.  What did my body use to get well?  I doubt there is nutrition in meds.  And even if there was, taking one tablet on Friday night and one Saturday morning is not going to cut it.  In my mind at least. 

There’re over the counter as well so even less of a possibility.   I despise taking medication, it’s ridiculous how much effort I put into not taking the stuff.  I feel too disorientated when I take it, even something simple like paracetamol.  Luckily with this new life style diet I’m not nearly as ill all the time so I don’t need to take stuff.  I still feel hard done by for the lack of chocolate buttons.  And pizza.  And soft serve. 

Even better news that the lack of medication consumption is that metal stability is getting better.  Yes!  Now all I need is a summoning ability and all will be cool.  Or Squall as a body guard.


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