Access granted

October 30, 2006 at 11:48 (Uncategorized)

I don’t like talking to people I don’t know, I like it even less when people I don’t know touch me or more to the current point GRAB me.  Things are made a lot worse when a drunk male tries to grab me in the Ladies.  One, he’s not supposed to be there – even if he has fake boobs attached with string.  Two, what makes him think he can.  Because he’s male and I’m female!  And lastly, speedos are not cool.  No banana hammocks. 

It was almost enough to ruin my afternoon but it didn’t; he’s just lucky I wasn’t hungry or else there might have been pain involved.  Stressful situation and hunger equal bad news for someone.  And I tend to be on the giving end.   

It seems like FFXII is scoring high points everywhere, I like this news.  I just hope it’s not over hype.  X is my ultimate game in terms of story and gameplay.  I adore turn based as I get so involved in the game that I tend to get panicked and forget where my potions are or what slots my spells are in. 

There is, however, word on AC Complete being ‘Limited Edition’.  I’m not fond of limited edition stuff mainly because of the ‘limited’ part.  What about people who just can’t afford to buy it right then, but could in a month.  But by then it’s sold out – it’s limited.  I think the whole idea is money grabbing and short sighted in terms of customer satisfaction.  People seem to forget that a happy customer is a returning customer.


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